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Jan 2014

Kusmi Tea, beauty blends

To speak with the greatest number, Kusmi Tea has chosen Quai des Orfèvres in 2014. Three TV ads of 26 seconds and one Cinema ad of 45 seconds, all unveiled  previously on social networks!


Kusmi Tea is the embodiment of blends in all their forms:  blends of tea, cultures, colors and people.


The concept represents the brand in this diversified universe and renews the codes of tea advertising in an unexpected way. It shows Kusmi in his element: water! Water reveals the taste of tea, water purifies water brings calm, water  surrounds the body.


For these ads, a Haussmann flat was submerged into a pond. Actors from India, China, Brazil or Russia intertwine their bodies in a magical and poetic choreography, raising emotion and desire.


This campaign features three iconic Kusmi teas: Prince Vladimir, Sweet Love and BBDetox used to support the idea of blends. Teas from China, spices from India, citrus from Italy, Brazil or mate vanilla islands merge into magical characters.


The result is a tremendous increase of brand awareness - Kusmi becomes a leader in the world of premium teas - but also of sales.