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5 rue Royale 75008 Paris - hello@quaidesorfevres.com - 01 47 66 97 66

Why Quai des Orfevres?

Orfèvres means Talents
We choose this name to recognize the role of our talents who share the love of a job well done.


In digital as traditional advertising, we apply the same method, invented by Boileau in 1674:


"Twenty times work and rework,

Rewrite your text, and repolish it.

Never forget to delete what you aren't proud of. "

In truth we trust

With the dizzying development of social networks, and the tightening of legislation allegation, brands no longer have the right to make mistakes or lie.


Looking for authentic stories to tell, let's track true insights. Truth is universal.

It moves mountains. Ciao Pinocchio!

Maniac detail

Who said "best is the enemy of good"?

Probably a lazy agency ...


The quality of a concept is always the sum of a lot of details.

Do not overlook is the key to success.


"Take away the details, here isthe fabric"

Coco Chanel

Reactivity & Proactivity

We are flexible, responsive and pragmatic.

Ask us the moon, we take you there faster than others!


And if you have nothing to ask us, we will always have bright ideas to place your brand on top.

Not seen, not caught

The best packaging in the world is worthless if nobody sees it.


Do not follow the codes, break them, create new ones.

Tell your story if you have one.

Talents need to be rewarded


Quai des Orfevres is not expensive and not "low cost".

We use retainer fees or time spent with result incentive.